Application Design


As part of my final year project at university, I designed an app to help people manage their pain after experiencing a sporting injury. This app was designed in collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser and their pain relief brand Nurofen. 

This project comprised the development of a novel app, Nurofen Sport, which incorporates ibuprofen and physical therapies to effectively manage pain in sporting injuries. 

The design process involved industry analysis via searches on the Apple and Android app stores, downloading and using competitors apps. Qualitative and quantitative consumer insights were gathered through a sports and analgesics survey to ensure the app met consumer requirements and wants. Feedback from potential consumers was used to further develop and improve the app and finally, an effective marketing strategy was devised to expose the app to a large public audience.

In summary, Nurofen Sport has 5 main features to facilitate injury diagnosis, pain management and recovery. These encompass personal medication plans, medication tracking, injury specific pain relief exercises (Nurofen Physio), personal reports and connection to a smartwatch for exercise tracking as shown below.


The marketing strategy was devised using feedback from a consumer insights questionnaire and involved the upload of Nurofen Sport onto the Apple Store and Google Play. App store optimisation (ASO) and search engine optimisation (SEO) was included to ensure visibility. The fremium model, a 10% promotional discount on Nurofen products and a free trial of the Nurofen Physio feature was built in to promote initial use. 

The marketing strategy incorporated inbound Nurofen marketing, healthcare professional detailing, posters positioned in sports practice spaces and physical therapist waiting rooms, business cards and web presence, as shown below.